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iView Health, founded by David Atkinson in 2019, embarked on a mission to transform healthcare through innovative technology. Originally designed for the student market, our Personalised Health Management System (PHMS) quickly demonstrated its adaptability. Expanding our horizons, we pivoted to support stroke patients post-hospital discharge, improving their monitoring and management. Building on this success, in 2022, we ambitiously broadened our scope to cater to individuals navigating perimenopause and menopause. This transition exemplified our dedication to addressing diverse healthcare needs with cutting-edge solutions. Looking ahead, we aspire to extend our reach into various markets, leveraging our expertise to make a positive impact on global healthcare.

Menopause is now a prominent topic in discussions on female health, yet many still struggle with its complexities, feeling lost without adequate guidance. Despite the abundance of products on the market, there's a lack of comprehensive solutions addressing the holistic needs of menopausal individuals. What's needed is a shift towards integrated, person-centred care that considers the physical, emotional, and social aspects of menopause. By providing tailored solutions, we can empower individuals to navigate this phase of life with resilience and confidence.

iView Health Ltd introduces a groundbreaking Monitoring System combining a Smartwatch, Smartphone App, and SaaS Portal. It collects precise biometric data including heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep quality. Integrating lifestyle inputs like diet and medication, it offers a holistic view of health. The secure online dashboard provides users insights and allows healthcare professionals remote access for informed decisions.

App and Smartwear

SaaS Health Portal

The Future

Our PHMS offers great potential for integration into social care for those with long-term health conditions and the elderly. Carers can use it to monitor and manage clients' health effectively, with features like symptom-based reports and predictive symptom management providing valuable insights for proactive care.

In virtual wards, our system remotely monitors patient health using smart wear tech and biometric tracking, issuing real-time alerts for prompt intervention to reduce hospital readmissions, while also providing educational resources and support forums to encourage patient engagement and self care, ultimately improving outcomes and relieving pressure on traditional healthcare services.

Our system provides vital support to emergency care by delivering real-time health data through smart wear technology. It aids rapid assessment and proactive intervention during emergencies, with predictive analytics identifying potential crises early for improved patient outcomes. In summary, our platform streamlines emergency response, boosting efficiency and saving lives.

Our system facilitates multiphasic healthcare by continuously monitoring patient health across care stages. Integrated with smart wear tech and biometric tracking, it detects risks early for proactive interventions. Moreover, it fosters seamless communication among healthcare teams, ensuring care continuity and enhancing patient outcomes.

Investment Opportunities

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3.​5 Million

With £3.5 million, we're poised to revolutionise menopausal health management​, empowering individuals with tailored solutions, predictive analytics, and wearabl​e technology. Our mission includes strategic partnerships, targeted marketing, an​d seamless integration with healthcare systems to provide holistic, person-centre​d care. This funding will ensure every person facing menopause feels supported an​d empowered, rewriting the narrative of menopausal health for a brighter future​.

We're excited to offer an opportunity for investors to participate in both SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) and EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme). By investing in our company through these schemes, investors can not only potentially enhance their investment portfolios but also contribute to the growth and success of our innovative venture.

We're seeking research partners to collaborate on advancing personalised health management. Partnering with esteemed institutions, we aim to enhance our products' validity and effectiveness. Research partners will play a crucial role in conducting studies and validating our technology, contributing to ongoing innovation in healthcare.

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